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Recommended by many European beauty professionals to beautify skin, European Sesbellot Mink Oil is the ultimate cosmetic product to help your skin retain soft, moist, supple feeling of youth. It helps forming a stabilized, healthy skin, making the skin supple, and firm. It makes skin feel velvety smooth without the feeling of stickiness or greasiness.

Mink oil (with 80% unsaturated fats) is the easiest to absorb and most compatible oil for human skin. European Sesbellot Mink Oil is the finest grade, which contains 99% of pure mink oil, extracted without chemical solvents using advanced filtration technology.

Its effectiveness first came to light when workers on mink farms reported that their work-roughened hands were becoming smother and softer. European Sesbellot Mink Oil is a gift you give yourself everyday under makeup, after bath as replenishing oil and becomes the beauty secret of naturally beautiful women everywhere!

Mink Oil

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